About Sian MacArthur

Sian MacArthur is an independent academic and researcher with literary interests in the Gothic and Science Fiction, and historical interests in the Cold War. She read English and American Literature at St. Mary’s University in Twickenham before completing her Post Graduate Certificate at the Institute of Education.

She completed her Master’s degree at Middlesex University under the guidance of Professor Clive Bloom. She is the author of Crime and the Gothic: Identifying the Gothic Footprint in Modern Crime Fiction (Libri, 2011) and Gothic Science Fiction: 1818 to the Present (Palgrave Gothic, 2015).

She taught English Literature and Language at a co-educational secondary school, and then English as a foreign language at her local adult education centre. She regularly speaks at local schools and local colleges as part of their individual curriculum enrichment programmes.

She is currently working on her next book Crime Fiction and the Cold War.

Sian lives on the Kent coast with her two children.